• Paresh Shah

    Lead Instructor

    Paresh Shah

    PARESH SHAH is a unique combination of a technology engineer, Harvard MBA, strategist, innovation trainer, successful entrepreneur and trained yogi. Prior to his role at the Non-Obvious Company, Paresh was an engineer at Northrop Grumman Aerospace and an early executive at Monitor Company, a strategic consultancy formed by several Harvard Business School professors including world-renowned strategist Michael Porter. As a complement to his business background, Paresh graduated first in his engineering class and has lectured, trained and coached technical and scientific students and teams to become greater innovators and leaders.
  • Eliza Mountcastle Shah, PhD

    Lead Instructor

    Eliza Mountcastle Shah, PhD

    Eliza Mountcastle Shah studied neuroscience and Harvard University receiving her PhD in Genetics and Neurodevelopment in 1996. She has special expertise in organizational behavior and productive reasoning. As a post doctoral fellow at Johns Hopkins Medical Institutes, her research was in the area of Genetics and Public Policy, in particular, technology transfer from Academia to Application and the role of Media in translating Scientific Discoveries for the General Public.

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Together we will transform technical talent into inspiring leaders

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Course participants will learn and apply:

  • The 7 Assets Nerds and Geeks usually have

  • The 7 Career-deadly Blind spots

  • The 7 Essential Enginpreneur™ Upgrades to overcome the Blind spots and race forward in your career and contribution

  • Career advancement research and secrets for the current marketplace

  • How being an innovator will address the 88 percent of leaders unhappy with the pace of innovation in their organizations

  • How to master team dynamics and solve technical, scientific and human problems

  • How to communicate as a leader and develop meaningful relationships

  • How to be the best innovators and disruptors by utilizing the 7 Essential Upgrades

  • Bonus Secret (How learning the same Enginpreneur™ skills will result in better relationships with your team, family, friends and life!


  • How do I know if I'm the right fit for the workshop?

    If you are someone with technical talent looking to be a more effective leader, move from strictly technical work into higher levels of supervision and management this is the prefect course designed to break through barriers If you want to innovate great new products, services and experiences with a team, Enginpreneur™ Academy will equip you to avoid the mistakes most engineers and technical people make when participating in or leading teams (formally or informally)

  • How long will I have access to the course?

    You will have access to the course for 1-year, following the 1-year you will not have access to the learning material or live webinars.

  • What is your 100% Guararntee?

    I have no doubt you will be satisfied with your purchase, but for some reason if you are not satisfied with your purchase you are able to receive a full refund within 21-days of purchase. Following those 21-days, a refund will not be given.

  • What if I have more questions?

    No problem! Email us at ea@nonobviouscompany.com and we will be happy to address your questions.

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