G2G Academy is a turn-key course provided by the Non-Obvious Company, a leading training, leadership and innovation company that has served leading organizations around the world

The Course Format:

  • Overview Module of Enginpreneur™ Academy
  • Self-Assessment
  • Peer/team - Assessment
  • 7 “Essential Upgrade” Modules
  • Action and continued practice plan
  • Live coaching calls
  • Worksheets to download
  • Enginpreneur™ Academy completion certificate 
  • Ability to include Enginpreneur™ Academy as a differentiator on your resume and Linked In

This Course Will Equip You To:

  • Rise faster in your organization
  • Have greater responsibilities and influence
  • Be respected by more team members
  • Become a manager, supervisor or executive earlier
  • Innovate in a world of disruption
  • Make more money
  • Have less stress and better relationships
  • Have more freedom and confidence

G2G Academy

The ultimate self-paced course for technical and scientific talent seeking to be innovators, intrapreneurs, entrepreneurs and high-performance leaders.

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Who Will This Course Benefit?

  • Engineers & IT Professions

  • Scientists and Researchers

  • Developers and Programmers

  • Technical Leaders and Project Managers

  • Students

Pricing options

8 Modules - Online Presentation / Live Webinar Format